Write into 2023

Happy new year! Let’s write again, like we did last year… at two of your favourite venues and in a new social writing challenge. My new year’s writing resolutions are to write little and often, keeping Wednesday mornings for my own writing projects, and to write more in person with others in pairs as well as on retreat. What about you?


Start gently by writing for an hour: Write on Wednesdays online restarts today.

Flex your muscles with a bigger writing project, together. On Wednesday 18 January, we start writing our articles in 12 weeks. There is still time to join that challenge on the Ridge Writers Facebook Group (in English and Finnish, for anyone who writes on retreat with me) or with Tohtoriverkosto (the Finnish PhD network) in Finnish only. Contact me for more info.


Write in a winter wonderland on Thursday and Friday 16 and 17 February at Säynätsalo Town Hall (pictured) very close to my home. This is a gorgeous island venue where you really can get away from it all, and get creative in a unique Alvar Aalto building. At our retreat there this time last year, some of us stayed up late enough to see the Northern Lights. Can’t wait? Book here.


Keep going with the 12-week challenge. On Friday 31 March I’m facilitating a one-day online retreat for members of Tohtoriverkosto, in Finnish only.


Join us for a two-day retreat in Helsinki on Thursday and Friday 27 and 28 April. This will be our third writing retreat at at Valo Hotel and Work, the perfect place to write well and be well in the city. Book here.

Want to be the first to know about when and where we’re writing next? Join my monthly mailing list or find Ridge Writing Retreats on Eventbrite to book your next bit of time, space and community to write.

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